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  • Cupcake says:
    where can i get the giant tummy stuffer?
    I want the giant one but I can't find it ?
    Anthony says:
    you can get it by ordering through phone
Carefully cut out your material taking time not to cut the fur but the backing only. - Match pieces together like the two pieces that make an arm, a tummy, leg and three pieces that make the head and ear pieces. - Using a back stitch sew around the seam ...

Tummy Stuffers Tan Dog Plush Toy

Price: $35.00
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  • Both a toy and a storage solution
  • Great way of coping with limited storage space; Kids can store their things in Tummy Stuffers, giving their rooms a neat appearance
  • Stuff your Tummy Stuffer with anything
Customer reviews: (see all 98 reviews)
  • Not worth it. poor construction
    I bought this because my 5 year old son saw the commercial and begged for one. Upon arrival I noticed that the seams were coming undone along the...
  • Not worth it!
    You might be seeing all the TV ads for this product, but I've looked at the real thing, and it's smaller than you see on TV and not very nice. Kids...
  • Very Disappointed.
    Very "dumb" looking for lack of a better word. I'm keeping only because I don't have the time to return before Christmas. Not very roomy to...

Tummy Stuffers Green Gator Plush Toy

Price: $26.39
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  • As Seen On TV
  • Collect them all
  • Both a toy and a storage solution
Customer reviews: (see all 80 reviews)
  • Grandson loves it
    My grandson wanted this tummy stuffer for his birthday. It came a little late for his party, but he received it in a few days afterwards. He really...
  • Amazing what it can hold
    My daughter was very excited to get the Tummy Stuffers Alligator. She's seen the commercials and knows what it can do, so she went and immediately...
  • My kids love these, but smaller storage than I expected
    My 6 year-old boy/girl twins just got these (Cat & Gator) and seem to find endless things to put inside them. I have to disagree with the amount of...

Tummy Stuffers Pink Cat Plush Toy

Price: $35.00
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  • Stuff your Tummy Stuffer with anything
  • Both a toy and a storage solution
  • As Seen On TV
Customer reviews: (see all 86 reviews)
  • Exactly as expected (by an adult)
    This was pretty much exactly as I expected -- it's an empty stuffed animal that kids can shove stuff in.My 10 year old was a little...
  • Misled
    When it finally came in the mail, my daughter and I were so excited. This was a gift for her for keepin her room clean. (she's 5) we opened the box...
  • Smaller than I expected
giant tummy stuffers