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Hundred Years of Solitude,” which described a plague of insomnia that comes to the mythical Latin American town Macondo — a plague that makes the afflicted unable to sleep for days and causes such memory loss that objects, plants and animals need
  • Fatelynn says:
    Fifthteen year old sleeps with night light and stuffed animal?
    I still sleep with stuffed animal and night light. Is that bad? I feel like that a light night will protect me
    marys.momma says:
    Some experts believe that a dark room leads to better sleep. My opinion is that teenagers rarely have trouble staying asleep no matter how much light they have in their room. A night light certainly makes it safer to get up in the night to use the bathroom. Personally, I find that the glow from the tiny LEDs on my computer equipment is all the light I need at night. Lots of girls cuddle up with a stuffed animal at night. Some even bring them along to college (although that sometimes...
  • cookie monster 11 says:
    bedroom help?
    my family rents a house so we can't paint the walls, so i want my bedroom to be really bright and stand out to anyone. i want it to be fun and funky, what should i do? i also want it to feel like i live by myself so i think im going for a dorm theme, i have a queen size bed and thats it no bedding no nothing, so anything could help. links would be great!
    KittyCat says:
    Use funtack(if that's how you spell it) and post pictures everywhere :D it will make it decorative and won't damage the walls. For the queen size bed, add colorful pillows and stuff animals. Glow in the dark stars or other things to post on the wall, desks, bed, etc would be great too
  • Kelly T says:
    At what age do you think it's okay for a baby to start sleeping with stuffed animals or blankets?
    My daughter is almost 5 months old and starting to get attached to a blanket and a doll. I think it would help her get to sleep better at night if she had something to hold on to, but I am really paranoid about letting her have it. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
    babybugs1980 says:
    As soon as baby can roll both ways they will be able to roll away from something that might potentially cover their face. For the blankets do this test - fold it up 3 or 4 times, stick it against your face and breathe. No problems? Then it's safe to put in with baby as long as they aren't one to wrap it around their neck. My 6 month old has a crocheted blanket, his small taggy blankie, his glow worm and his suckie in his crib. He will actually get the blanket wrapped around his body like...
  • Brigita says:
    What is a good gift for a baby girl 18+?
    My niece is 18 months old and loves stuffed animals and loves toys that light up or glow, so I was thinking about buying her a Pillow Pet Glow Pet. I haven't seen an age recommendation on this toy anywhere though. I know nothing about babies or their toys but I need to find a good gift. Suggestions?
    Shelley says:
    Hi, What about getting your niece an electronic toy if she likes toys that light up or glow? Like they are electronic baby books with buttons that babies push, that have lights and that make various sounds. There are also phonics toys and baby laptops. If you are looking for ideas, I recommend this site, it recommends lots of baby toys: I hope it helps. Shelley
I have a Pillow Pet. I asked for a Pillow Pet for Christmas. The name of my Pillow Pet is Peaceful Bear. Peaceful Bear is a rainbow of colors with a peace symbol on his paw. He was a gift from my Granddaughter and Grandson. For those of you that don’t ...

My Pillow Pets Glow Pet Throw Pillow, Dog

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Price: $17.49
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  • Pillow Pets
  • Light up Pet
  • Friend that Glows
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  • Great Gift Idea
    We purchased these for both of our children and they both love them. They take them to bed every night. Be warned if your little ones are a bit...
  • my kid loves this
    I bought this for my son and he loves it. I was not to sure what to expect size wise on this thing but I was happy with the size. Its bigger then I...
  • Keep the flickering lights for a spook house
    This glow pet was great for about 24 hours. Then the lights started to flicker. Then the lights died never to return again. The highlight of the...

Pillow Pets Dream Lites - Snuggly Puppy 11"

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  • Comforting Pillow Pets. Helps Alleviates Fear of the Dark.
  • Runs on 3 AAA Batteries or Ac Adpater (Not Included)
  • Projects a starry sky on your ceiling and walls!
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  • My daughters love this!
    A note - Dream Lites are $29 at Wal Mart so don't pay the inflated prices online.After seeing the Dream Lites commercial constantly on...
  • Dream Lites are a dream come true
    I bought these for my 3-year-old twins and 2-year-old daughter. They used to be great sleepers, but this summer it's been a challenge getting them to...
  • What a great Idea
    I bought this at the request of my granddaughter. Was not sure if she would like it after a few days or it would be cuddly because of it's plastic...

My Pillow Pets Glow Pet Throw Pillow, Turtle

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  • Light up Pet
  • Friend that Glows
  • Pillow Pets
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  • Say goodnight to bad dreams!
  • Kids loved it - but lights quit working.
    We bought this for Christmas 3 months ago and half the lights went out a month ago and the other half are now out. We opened things up to try and...
  • Eldest Son Loved It
    My eldest son told me that big boys had pillow pets too when he saw his brothers. I purchased this one for him and he began sleeping with it...
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