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  • D says:
    What to get for my new gf's b-day?
    ok I broke up with my old gf that forced me to have sex with her. and now there is this girl at my school my school named irma. she shows love and compassion. and her b-day is coming up and she is turning 15. what should I get her? (she is almost 15 and im 14) so ideas and stuff to get her plz.
    ☾Kisses ♪ bby☽ says:
    Perfume Stuffed animal A drawing that you personally did Pillow shaped like some sort of animal Cute things like that
  • sophie's mom says:
    how do you wash stuffed animals?
    My daughter needs to launder a stuffed animal, stuffed with the polyester stuffing. How should we do this?
    Shan says:
    Most stuffed animals are machine washable. Put the stuffed animals into a delicate fabric bag. These are mesh bags made for lingerie, etc. If you don't have a delicate fabric bag, you can use a pillow case that's tied shut with string. Wash on the Gentle cycle in warm water. Include some towels in the load to help protect the toys from being overly beaten by the washer. Use regular laundry detergent. DO NOT dry the stuffed animals. This could tear them apart. Allow them to air dry....
  • Azura Silver says:
    URGENT! How to defuzz a ruined stuffed animal?!?
    My mom threw in my stuffed racoon into the washer and now it's all fuzzy and uncomfortable to cuddle with! So uncool! See, my racoon used to be all nice and soft and now its fuzzy and unbearable! I tried to brush it out but it is not working! Please someone! Please tell me what happened to my dear racoon? And if possible, please tell me how to turn it back into its normal state! Please, the racoon is my most favorite stuffed animal in my collection! HELP!
    batraylover says:
    Some stuffed animals are not machine washable. Those that are need to be washed in the gentle cycle inside of a pillow case to avoid them falling apart. Unfortunately, if your raccoon turned fuzzy, chances are it was not machine washable. Now, there's not much that you can do. You can put it in a trash bag with some cornstarch for 48 hours, then shake it out, try brushing it with a plush brush, such as the kind sold at Build A Bear stores.
Pillow came to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter when another shelter dealing with very limited resources asked for help. Staff found her standing in a kennel with several other dogs; head hiding in the corner, shaking and to afraid to eat or ...

My Pillow Pet Silly Monkey - Large (Brown)

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My Pillow Pets Dog 18"

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